Olympus High School Class of 1977
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Olympus High School Class of 1977 - Guestbook

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Jaime Watson - 02-10-2013
Looking for my birth father who went to Olympus during 1975-77. His name was Rick Neilson or Nelson. Trying to find out more information and also a picture if possible. Thanks for your help.
James C. Ziter - 07-16-2012
I had so many wonderful teaches during those years; I never recognized their important contributions to my life until I was much older. I'm trying to find my math teacher (Charles Miller) and write him a thank you card. I hope I haven't waited too long. If anyone's got contact information for him, or a way I can start to track him down, please let me know.

Marcie Christensen Dutton - 12-14-2011
Wow!  What a great idea!  I have not know any way to reach out and find anyone with whom I spent those memorable years from 1974-1977.  I would LOVE to hear from anyone interested in catching up on times and events.  Let's reach out and 'touch' each other through this internet connection, k?
Joseph Chapman - 07-10-2011
Just found this page. Good idea
alan pannier - 06-20-2011
good times
Drako - 05-07-2010

Roger - 05-07-2010
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shirley jean christopulos peterson - 05-24-2009
Hi guys i have never been notifed of any class reunions would like to make the next one would be fun to see all my old friends and classmates! Hope to see you soon!
Blake Nielsen - 08-26-2007
Hi everybody!  Just wanted to say a special 'Thank You' to all of the Reunion Committee Members that helped with this '30 Year Reunion', and anyone else that was involved in both it and the new website.  Hopefully more people will utilize the website in the near future and post pictures and their current biography.  It was super seeing all of those that attended, and hope to see or hear from more of you soon!  Its been a super ride so far, lets keep it going for another 50 years..........

Rocky Stonestreet - 08-17-2007
I can't wait to see all of you guys, and some of the girls I dated as well!  Hey, I also work with Sam Schroyer and Rob Powers (who lives only one block away from the high school - imagine that!).  We all still do stuff together - it's really neat.  I hope I can rekindle old friendships (and maybe an old flame or two - ha ha, just kidding).  Go Utes!
Frank Allen - 08-09-2007
Can't wait to see or at least here from some of the kids I haven't seen in the 30 years that have past. I am sure you all look just the same!!
Julia Fullmer Buck - 08-06-2007
Well I'm looking forward to see everyone. Unlike my husband, he's going to be a party poop. You won't recognize me, so you'll have to read my nametag, and when your done laughing give me a big hug. I've never left Utah, still married to Colin for the past 27 years. Two sons, not married yet, no grand babies thank goodness. Let's get this party rolling!
Jefferson LeCates - 03-20-2007
Well OHS gang....I left Oly in my junior year but think of myself more of an OHS graduate. I went to Bingham HS for a couple of months and finished in Hawaii at Lahainaluna HS Class of 77.  I've been in Hawaii and Italy for most of the past years (28)....but moved to SLC again in 2003. I stumbled on this website messing around on the net.  I am a firefighter now for the past 17 years....the last 3 and a half here in Salt Lake City.  Hope to hook up with some of you old friends.
 Aloha, Jefferson

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