Olympus High School Class of 1977
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Trent Olsen was a victim of an unsolved homicide in Salt Lake County, Feb 14, 1982. He was socializing in a nightclub with friends and got into a fight over a woman he'd met. The other combatant challenged Trent to meet him at Cottonwood Park, just south of the nightclub. Trent brought a friend with him, and as soon as Trent pulled into the parking lot, the other combatant approached and started punching him, according to Trent's friend - when he was actually stabbing him. Trent didn't realize what was going on until it was too late. The friend never left the car because he was too intoxicated to do so. Trent slumped back into the car, and with very little energy the car slowly rolled across the 1100 East and crashed into a pole. He did not have a cell phone to call for emergency response. It was the neighbor next to the pole that called 911. Trent died without naming his murderer. The best description that was given was that the assailant's hub caps were red, which didn't match his car. Trent's parents were devastated. They were lovely people who became involved in the Crime Victim Right's Movement, and testified at some hearings in order to convince legislators that reparations is a much needed necessity for families who have to bury a family member who deceased by the intentional actions of another person. I was honored to know them and to meet with them on many occasions.'
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